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Challenges of Evolving Technology
in the Workplace

Size matters for electronic assemblies. Flat screen TVs are getting larger while other devices such as medical implants, PC's, tablets and cell phones, are getting smaller.  Designers of electronic products face the challenges of component technology, board density, substrate materials as well as solder alloys and fluxes. 

You'll learn:

How soldering and rework systems manufacturers are working to assist our customers in overcoming these challenges.

Everyone should be able to work in a safe, clean environment. When faced with a bewildering array of filtration products, the selection of the right system and filters can be a tough choice. To protect the environment, it is important to use an extraction system that is able to separate the right degree of particulates and gases to properly clean the air. 

You’ll learn:

The different classifications of dust and gas filters and which filtration systems work best in their respective environments.

Fume Extraction Solutions 

for a Healthy Workplace

Microclip: Importance of fume extraction for laser engraving/etching.

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Meet the presenter!

For the past 27 years, Mr. Powers has primarily been involved in technical and application support roles for the electronics market. He has authored several papers pertaining to industry standards and applications and served as a committee chairperson on the ESD Associations Standards team for Electrical Soldering and Desoldering Hand Tools. 

Bubba Powers

Manager of Technical Services at Weller